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Hello to all you comic book hungry folks out there. Not comic book hungry you say, well how about action figure hungry? Yes, you could eat a whole plate of action figures. Or maybe your more into devouring some cute plush creatures. Perhaps you have an appetite for bobble heads. What I'm getting at is that here at PHANTASM COMICS we have tons more than just comic books. Sure there will be walls covered with comic books, both new weekly and back issues. But like i said there's more than just comics, we serve the pop culture AND counter culture fan here at PHATASM. Maybe you like things that are a little spooky well we have horror movies, creepy horror film related t-shirts, wild horror movie posters! Let's say you find yourself a friend of the herd, well we can satisfy your MY LITTLE PONY need. Are there any WHOVIANS out there reading this now, well step in and geek out!

Basically you'll find what you’re looking for hear. We are currently stocking the shelves as we inch closer and closer to the date we open...(MAY 1ST!!!) If you happen to be walking by tap on the window and say "Hi". Let me know what you’re into and I'll be sure to stock the store with it.

And please make sure to tell your friends. Let them know THE COMICS ARE COMING! New Hope, PA is finally getting its very own neighborhood comic book shop! So please, when the doors open step in and geek out!......that's my catchphrase "Step in and Geek Out!"...ok, it's a work in progress is sounds better when I type it but I started saying it out loud and then I started signing it out loud and now I'm embarrassed. I think someone passing by on the sidewalk heard me....

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