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A store on the horizon!

With things in the store progressing nicely almost seven years in...SEVEN YEARS! I'll repeat that, oh wait, I already did, well yes this May 2023 we will be open seven years here in New Hope and looking back on it I couldn't be happier with our location. This area attracts a wonderful, diverse group of people, eager to get out, shop, and eat! While we haven't secured the valued WEDNESDAY WARRIORS (those people who walk in every Wednesday to grab a pre-determined stack of comics) we have certainly created relationships with customers who have returned many many times regardless of the comic book releases on Wednesday.

We started out by giving our best effort in all directions and slowly focused more acutely down paths that worked for us. We fostered our horror fan base and now have become know as a small horror destination. Stocking new and used horror favorites on Blu-ray. Always bringing in new horror related figures and statues, and stocking the coolest horror comics and magazines!

We have always been more than just comics, our action figure stock is always fresh with new stuff coming in weekly. We have worked with independent creators too - recently Zoloworld, Nacelle, and hopefully more as we move into 2023. Over the past few years we have been featured on multiple YOUTUBE channels as a go-to destination for the action figures.

And while i say we are more than just comics, we certainly stock all sorts of fun collectible & pop culture items but we do strive to consistently put out some great comic books in our back issue bins. With a small warehouse of comics to pull from I'm constantly restocking our back issue bins that are completely alphabetized...with now over 30+ long boxes...and most recently Hayley (shop employee) has organized the current back issues on the floor, not an easy task but she has kept everything organized and alphabetized to the second letter and sales are reflecting it (who would have thought when things are organized and easily findable they sell!?) Thousands of comics now all organized for your perusing pleasure!

All these great things happening in the store has lead us to one of the biggest next steps in our history which will be opening an online store. It's one of the most asked or requested things i hear at the register..."do you sell online?" The answer was always convoluted or the coming months i will be able to say an easy "Yes!" in response to that question. There's a lot of behind the scenes organizing that is happening but, in the next few months here we will be online and selling and you will be able to shop in your underwear from the comfort of your home or three piece suit!

Well that's it, basically stay tuned here...i'm going to try to update this site with new and interesting posts WAY more often. But stay tuned exciting things to come in store and now ON-LINE!!!!

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